Sofka Zinovieff was born in London, has Russian ancestry and has lived in Greece for many years. Her latest book “Putney” is an explosive and thought-provoking novel about the far-reaching repercussions of an illicit relationship between a young girl and a much older man.

Reviews of Putney
By Sarah Moss, 11 Aug 2018

“It is rare to find oneself reading so compulsively a book that promises no resolution or easy answers; I admired this combination of intellectual honesty and bravura storytelling.”

05 AUG 2018
“A finely nuanced study of the way different people make subjective sense of the past, and a reminder that the novel (like the analyst’s couch) is a great space for thinking about the unthinkable.”


By Zoe Apostolides, 27 JUL 2018

A disturbing, well-structured, nuanced story that provides no simple answers — an important addition to an urgent, current conversation.”

By Bethanne Patrick, 28 SEP 2018

“Thought-provoking and relevant, Sofka Zinovieff’s new novel “Putney” will provide plenty of book groups with fodder for discussions about female sexuality, child molestation, friendship and the #MeToo movement.”


Athens Unpacked

Sofka explores Athens in a quest to understand this complex, seductive city. She visits unusual places and meets Athenians, native and adopted: singers, poets, graffiti writers, architects, journalists, chefs, historians and activists.
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DERBY BOOK FESTIVAL, Considering #MeToo, Saturday 26 October 2019

Sofka Zinovieff and Emma Glass – Considering #MeToo 2:30pm – 3:30pm – Saturday 26 October Tickets £6 Derby Book Festival welcomes two writers whose work tackles the themes of violence, rape and sexual grooming in two brave, hard hitting novels. Putney by Sofka Zinovieff is described by The Guardian as ‘a Lolita for the age

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