Sofka Zinovieff was born in London, has Russian ancestry and has lived in Greece for many years. Her latest book “Putney” is an explosive and thought-provoking novel about the far-reaching repercussions of an illicit relationship between a young girl and a much older man.

Reviews of Putney
By Sarah Moss, 11 Aug 2018

“It is rare to find oneself reading so compulsively a book that promises no resolution or easy answers; I admired this combination of intellectual honesty and bravura storytelling.”

05 AUG 2018
“A finely nuanced study of the way different people make subjective sense of the past, and a reminder that the novel (like the analyst’s couch) is a great space for thinking about the unthinkable.”


By Zoe Apostolides, 27 JUL 2018

“The front cover of Sofka Zinovieff’s second novel is a wink to Lolita, set against a backdrop of red buses and the bridge linking Putney to north London. The sunglasses perched on the head of a teenage Daphne, who lives in a ramshackle bohemian townhouse on the river’s south bank, also evoke Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film.”

By Bethanne Patrick, 28 SEP 2018

“Thought-provoking and relevant, Sofka Zinovieff’s new novel “Putney” will provide plenty of book groups with fodder for discussions about female sexuality, child molestation, friendship and the #MeToo movement.”

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