“Creepy but not criminal”. The latest Woody Allen story. The Guardian

The latest Woody Allen story is creepy, but let’s not call it criminal Sofka Zinovieff   I don’t defend the film director over his alleged affair with 17-year-old Christina Engelhardt, but the realities of power and sex are complex   The Guardian 20 Dec 2018   I love the #MeToo movement. As the mother of two daughters, I’m delighted to see the rebalancing of a system that was skewed to allow sexual exploitation by men in power. I also salute the way society is facing up to long-ago crimes, and that... Read The Rest →

“A gripping and transporting read that’s very hard to put down”. The Book Bag reviews “The Mad Boy”

The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me by Sofka Zinovieff   Faringdon House in Oxfordshire was the home of Lord Berners; composer, writer, painter, friend of Stravinsky and Gertrude Stein, and a man renowned for both his eccentricity and his homosexuality. Turning Faringdon into an aesthete’s paradise, exquisite food was served to many of the great minds and beauties of the day. Since the early 1930’s, his companion there was Robert Heber-Percy, twenty-eight years his junior, wildly physical and unscholarly, a hothead who rode naked through the grounds... Read The Rest →

Telegraph’s 12 Best Books about Greece

“Despite momentous changes recently, Sofka Zinovieff’s Eurydice Street: A Place in Athens (Granta), published in 2004, remains the best account of today’s Greece, with sharp insights into nationalism, terrorism and the Orthodox church.”   Michael Kerr, travel writer  25 JULY 2016   Newer offerings   A single-volume primer? Try A Concise History of Greece (1) by Richard Clogg (Cambridge University Press), which was as up to date as he could make it when revised for late 2013.   The Acropolis   Contrarians will enjoy David Brewer’s Greece, The Hidden Centuries: Turkish Rule from the Fall of Constantinople to... Read The Rest →

“Something to fill the Downton Abbey gap”

The Sunday Telegraph November 22 2015 Alan Titchmarsh: I have found something to fill the Downton Abbey gap LORD BERNERS CREDIT: REX     With Downton Abbey to make just one final appearance atChristmas, a chap must look elsewhere for his early 20th-century fix. I have found mine in a captivating book called The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me. It is written by Sofka Zinovieff and tells the story of the author, composer and aesthete Gerald Berners, his live-in lover – the “mad boy” of the title, Robert Heber-Percy – and Zinovieff’s grandmother, who... Read The Rest →

Wall Street Journal: Five Best… Memorable Aristocrats

Sofka Zinovieff on memorable aristocrats April 10, 2015  Ms. Zinovieff’s latest book is ‘The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me.’ PHOTO: SOFKA ZINOVIEF Mad World   By Paula Byrne (2009)   1. Evelyn Waugh used Lord Beauchamp’s family at Madresfield as a model for “Brideshead Revisted.” He was in love with the whole family and possibly had an affair with one of the sons, but it was Beauchamp himself, whose life was too extreme for fiction, who was the almost unrecognizable model for Lord Marchmain in “Brideshead.” Known as “Boom” for... Read The Rest →

Town and Country (US) April 2015, “The Craziest House Party of the 20th Century”

    While thumbing through one of Cecil Beaton’s unpublished scrapbooks two years ago—enjoying a peek at a friend’s rarefied collection—I stumbled on a blurry black-and-white photograph of a tousle-haired youth. Beneath it Beaton had scribbled a caption: “Horrid Madboy.”   It was a thrilling discovery, as it offered a unique glimpse of the destructive animus between Beaton, the venerable photographer, and Robert Heber-Percy, the sly young man in the picture. Known for the spontaneous antics that earned him the nickname “Mad Boy,” Robert relished the shock value of riding... Read The Rest →

The Telegraph Magazine

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/11165036/Sofka-Zinovieff-remembers-inheriting-Faringdon-House-from-the-Mad-Boy.html The granddaughter of Robert Heber-Percy recalls the day she was left Lord Berner’s grand estate

The Telegraph: Books about Greece

Eurydice Street “remains the best account of today’s Greece, with sharp insights into nationalism, terrorism and the Orthodox church.”   Books about Greece: holiday reading guide Recommended reading for visitors to Greece, compiled by Michael Kerr Sunbathing in Greece Photo: GETTY By Michael Kerr 8:00AM BST 17 Jul 2014 Newer offerings A single-volume primer? Try A Concise History of Greece by Richard Clogg (Cambridge University Press), which was as up to date as he could make it when revised for late 2013. Contrarians will enjoy David Brewer’s Greece, The Hidden Centuries: Turkish Rule from the Fall... Read The Rest →

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