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The Telegraph: Books about Greece

Eurydice Street “remains the best account of today’s Greece, with sharp insights into nationalism, terrorism and the Orthodox church.”   Books about Greece: holiday reading guide Recommended reading for visitors to Greece, compiled by Michael Kerr Sunbathing in Greece Photo: GETTY By Michael Kerr 8:00AM BST 17 Jul 2014 Newer offerings A single-volume primer? Try A Concise History of

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Odyssey Magazine. “History in her DNA”   Vivienne Nilan   May/June 2012 Sofka Zinovieff channels her fascination with Greece and its recent past through fiction in her continuing quest to understand its present.   Recent history haunts Greece with a corrosive legacy of war, occupation, civil war, and dictatorship that is etched into the collective psyche. The past and its

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New Style – Interview on Russian ancestry, childhood and more in London-based Russian magazine           Sofka Zinovieff is descended from Catherine the Great   By Elena Ragozhina   Sofka Zinovieff is a journalist and author of Red Princess: A Revolutionary Life and The House on Paradise Street. A detailed description of Sofka Zinovieff’s family history would take hundreds of pages. Her ancestors include Prince Yury Dolgorouky and Catherine the

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