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Sofka Zinovieff Monday, 5 March, 2012   http://www.untitledbooks.com/blog/2012/03/the-tides-of-old-wars.html   Sofka Zinovieff’s novel The House on Paradise Street is an epic tale of modern Greece from the Second World War to the current financial crisis. She ponders the topicality of historical events. It took me twenty-five years of loving Greece before I dared write a novel about it. I have lived in Athens for a decade, I speak Greek with my husband, our children are bilingual and there is a hard-won Greek citizen’s ID card in my wallet. I cross back and forth... Read The Rest →

Article by Sofka Zinovieff in the Telegraph Magazine

    Only after Sofka, my Russian grandmother, died and I read her diary was I inspired to write about her. Naturally, I already knew that she led a remarkable life – the princess whose existence was shattered by revolution and yet who grew up to become a British Communist. I was named after her, and when I was young I would go to stay with her and her partner, Jack, in their remote stone cottage on Bodmin Moor.   She would show me the old photo albums, starting with... Read The Rest →

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